Inbox a Digital Mess?

Are you overwhelmed by the digital mess in your personal email? Today, someone shared a mind-blowing tip with me. First, my digital mess is truly a mess. I use to unsubscribe and “roll-up” subscriptions but there are newsletters I enjoy and want to receive. Anything I “roll-up” tends to just get ignored but at the same time subscriptions and newsletters I want to read often clog up my email and hide priority items. If I am having a particularly busy day I can miss important time-sensitive emails.

So, what is this exciting mind-blowing tip? It turns out that you can create a new email address with out actually creating a new email address. You can then set up a filter for items sent to that address. How does it work?

Use a Separator

If you use Gmail a separator is the “+” sign so if you sign up for a newsletter with the email address,, everything after the separator is ignored and it comes to your email. If you set up the filter based on the separator it filters as it arrives. BOOM! Mind blown.

This works for other email services but you’ll want to google your specific provider to find out exactly how to set it up. Now, go forth and filter!

The Creamiest Ice Cream in Redondo Beach

I’m a very big fan of ice cream. I explore ice cream like some people explore the globe. No matter where I go, I always make time to find the best ice cream. To date, my favorite ice cream in the Los Angeles area is the salted caramel at Carmela Ice Cream. There aren’t a lot of great ice cream places in the South Bay of Los Angeles so whenever somewhere new opens I get curious.

N for Nitrogen Ice Cream

I recently visited the (new-ish) Creamistry in the Redondo Shores shopping plaza. At Creamistry their “creamologists” handcraft ice cream using Nitrogen to flash freeze the milk (they also have coconut or cashew milk). You can then choose a flavor for the ice cream and of course, toppings.

“Unlike regular ice cream that is typically pumped and churned with air (overrun), we use liquid nitrogen to instantly freeze each ice cream order, resulting in a decadently rich and luxuriously creamy ice cream with virtually no overrun!”


If you tend to feel overwhelmed by too many choices they have suggested concoctions. I chose coconut milk base with coconut flavor topped with almonds and chocolate fudge. Nitrogen may flash freeze but my order was definitely not ready in a flash. There was only one “creamologist” freezing stuff at the time so it took awhile for my dish to be ready. Plan on giving yourself a bit of time if you come in with a crew.

The ice cream itself was super thick and creamy. The texture was pretty amazing and the coconut flavoring was not overly sweet. The regular serving size was plenty and more than I could finish at the time.

The only small hitch for me was the cost. I don’t often stop for ice cream by myself so my $8.95 ice cream multiplied by the 5 folks in my family would make for a spendy outing. You get what you pay for though and I think the people of Redondo like their ice cream so Creamistry should do well.

It’s Time to Revisit Your Local Library

When is the last time you set foot in your local library? I spent a lot of time at the library as a kid, in college and graduate school, and again when I became a mom. My kiddos now range from 13-19 yrs so you can imagine that those days are now a distant memory!

Last week I was desperate for a quiet place to study in preparation for my mortgage loan originator exam. A friend mentioned that she’d been spending time studying for her master’s program at our local public library. I decided to pop in and ended up returning over and over throughout the week. What I saw surprised me!

It was busy all week! It was just as busy on Saturday morning as it was on Monday evening. There were people of all ages engaging in a variety of different activities. I’m ashamed to say that I had no idea how important our local library is for our community.

How does your local library impact the community?

Most of us have no idea what our public library actually does. I saw notices and announcements for a plethora of programs and events. Programs for teens, “Getting Unstuck”, and the general population “Healthy Nepali Cooking”, “Brain Health Workshop”, and they even offer a meditation class.

THE LIBRARY’S MISSION STATEMENT: Redondo Beach Public Library provides services and materials in a welcoming atmosphere to meet the information, educational, recreational, and cultural needs of all Library users. 

The library isn’t likely the first place you think to visit anymore but maybe it should be. Let’s be real, friends, the coffee shop is not quiet nor is it budget friendly. It’s just an excuse to suck down expensive latte’s and blueberry muffins while eavesdropping on the drama of others. You might be surprised to see that your library is serving your community in ways you never imagined.