It’s Time to Revisit Your Local Library

When is the last time you set foot in your local library? I spent a lot of time at the library as a kid, in college and graduate school, and again when I became a mom. My kiddos now range from 13-19 yrs so you can imagine that those days are now a distant memory!

Last week I was desperate for a quiet place to study in preparation for my mortgage loan originator exam. A friend mentioned that she’d been spending time studying for her master’s program at our local public library. I decided to pop in and ended up returning over and over throughout the week. What I saw surprised me!

It was busy all week! It was just as busy on Saturday morning as it was on Monday evening. There were people of all ages engaging in a variety of different activities. I’m ashamed to say that I had no idea how important our local library is for our community.

How does your local library impact the community?

Most of us have no idea what our public library actually does. I saw notices and announcements for a plethora of programs and events. Programs for teens, “Getting Unstuck”, and the general population “Healthy Nepali Cooking”, “Brain Health Workshop”, and they even offer a meditation class.

THE LIBRARY’S MISSION STATEMENT: Redondo Beach Public Library provides services and materials in a welcoming atmosphere to meet the information, educational, recreational, and cultural needs of all Library users. 

The library isn’t likely the first place you think to visit anymore but maybe it should be. Let’s be real, friends, the coffee shop is not quiet nor is it budget friendly. It’s just an excuse to suck down expensive latte’s and blueberry muffins while eavesdropping on the drama of others. You might be surprised to see that your library is serving your community in ways you never imagined.

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