Inbox a Digital Mess?

Are you overwhelmed by the digital mess in your personal email? Today, someone shared a mind-blowing tip with me. First, my digital mess is truly a mess. I use to unsubscribe and “roll-up” subscriptions but there are newsletters I enjoy and want to receive. Anything I “roll-up” tends to just get ignored but at the same time subscriptions and newsletters I want to read often clog up my email and hide priority items. If I am having a particularly busy day I can miss important time-sensitive emails.

So, what is this exciting mind-blowing tip? It turns out that you can create a new email address with out actually creating a new email address. You can then set up a filter for items sent to that address. How does it work?

Use a Separator

If you use Gmail a separator is the “+” sign so if you sign up for a newsletter with the email address,, everything after the separator is ignored and it comes to your email. If you set up the filter based on the separator it filters as it arrives. BOOM! Mind blown.

This works for other email services but you’ll want to google your specific provider to find out exactly how to set it up. Now, go forth and filter!

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